Outreach Recruitment Agency

All the Partners at Outreach Recruitment have in past, worked closely with several potential clients and have identified a gap in the quality of PEOPLE being recruited in most local industries and have partnered up with trusted partners in various parts of the world in order to filter well quality PEOPLE that will become part of the Maltese community and workforce.

With years of experience in working with PEOPLE and following studies on the local market trends, we aim to be the leading local recruitment agency in the upcoming years.

  • To attract the best talent from our global network and carefully select and recruit quality individuals for our clients in most sectors.
  • To work hand in hand with our clients in matching their profile requirements and support their business objectives.
  • To support the integration of selected candidates into the working environment.
  • Continue to support all candidate’s career growth.
  • We genuinely and strongly believe that we can be the connection between talented PEOPLE and local business for both to grow in a country that is developing at a very fast rate.
  • Our approach is completely structured, professional and transparent from beginning to end, qualities that are reflected and embodied in our standards of service.
  • We have identified a gap in the recruitment sector on the island, namely referring to the quality of PEOPLE that is being selected. Through our vast global networks, we will make sure to screen, select and recruit the right PEOPLE that fit our client’s profile, thus building the trust in us and sustaining the growth.
  • We also commit to support the candidates, not only throughout the process of the Visa application but also until they fully integrate in the local environment. We believe that Integration is fundamental for the success of the candidate.
  • Outreach Recruitment employs PEOPLE, not numbers. We are a company made of PEOPLE supporting other PEOPLE in achieving career goals. Outreach Recruitment is searching for individuals in various sectors on the island of Malta and the selection of candidates will be done according to the strict criteria.


  • The English language is the predominant language on the island, and it is a must to communicate while at the workplace.
  • In order to assure quality, Outreach Recruitment will be also be assessing the profile of each candidate for traits of flexibility, adaptability, customer focused, eagerness to learn and grow.
  • It is not necessary to tick all the boxes however the more one hits, the more he stands a chance to be selected. For certain positions, experience in the Middle East would be considered as a plus and valid references are to be produced. Outreach Recruitment reserves the right to cross check any reference.
  • Outreach Recruitment Agency is committed to propose the best candidates for you.
  • Through our International network, we are confident to match the right profile to the right positions based on careful analysis of their skills, experience and personality. Via a job description and brief profile provided from our clients, we will connect with the partners to screen and match candidates to job postings.
  • Outreach agents will interview and propose the best fitting candidates to our clients. Our commitment is to propose the best!
  1. Meet with our client to identify profile traits required for their missing positions; skills, experience, and personality. Our priority is to get background information related to the profile.
  2. Job Postings is drafted and shared on our website and social media platforms. They are also shared with our International partners present in key areas worldwide for them to activate the screening process.
  3. The best candidates are selected and a face-to-face interview is conducted. Personal traits, skills and experience are assessed as per client’srequest.
  4. Ideal candidate is chosen and an offer is sent. With the acceptance of thenterms and conditions by the candidate, Outreach will start the documentation process for Visa requirements.
  5. Outreach will support the process until the candidate has obtained all the necessary documentation to become a resident in Malta.
  6. Outreach will keep monitoring performance of employee and, at any given time, it will support movement of sponsorship to employer.
  • Our clients are represented in most industrial and service sectors at various levels, from entry level to management roles.
  • The aim is to work closely with our clients to understand their vision towards each and every profile required and in return select the candidate that fits best in the role.
  • Senior & Executive Roles
  • Engineering and Technical Roles
  • Trades and Labourers
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Office & Administration

Students’ Programmes

  • In collaboration with local accredited institutions in Malta, we are creating learning programmes directed to postgraduate students in a number of trades.
  • Programmes are intended to provide students with additional learning in their field of study to become also confident in local practices.
  • Learnings will also combined with on the job apprentice training in local industry.